Our company carries out all the necessary finishing to offer to our clients a service that is complete and quality-guaranteed. The finishing, that helps to eliminate small surface defects and obtain a uniform aspect, can be done in bars or in pieces and completed with shining, cleaning and sandblasting.
Treatment Description
ANODIZING Anodizing is an electro-chemical process used in order to protect the aluminium surface, through the creation of a layer of aluminium oxide, that is abrasion-proof and resistant to atmospheric agents. This layer could be also used for aesthetical reasons, since anodizing could be made in many colours.
COATING We can coat the extruded profile with powder. An ecological method, that doesn’t need solvents and, as well as being available in a vast range of colours, guarantees the maximum variety of finishing, good resistance to corrosion, to wear and to ultraviolet rays.
BRUSHING This is a mechanical process that creates long, thin lines in the direction of the brushing. It is used to give the profile surface an opaque and slightly rough aspect.
SANDBLASTING Sandblasting allows to increase the aesthetical surface of the aluminium profiles.
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