Aluminium it's light, but elastic and resistant, aluminium is also a good conductor, reflects well the light, is easily recyclable, is not magnetic and doesn’t cause sparks.; Considering these factors and the fact that it is the third element present in the Earth’s crust, it is easy to understand why it is used to make millions of different products. As said before, the advantages of aluminium are many and can be summed up as follows:
caratteristiche alluminio
Advantages of aluminium Description
Lightness At the same volume, aluminium weighs only one third of the steel. This can achieve significant weight savings in any type of mechanical application.
Duration Aluminium is an aesthetically pleasing material, but its surface can be further treated with a wide range of finishes, from paints to coloured oxidations.
Conductivity Aluminium-specific electrical conductivity makes it essential for electronics and electrical applications.
Machinability Aluminium can be molded, with all common processing techniques, more easily than most other metals. It can be forged, laminated until you get a thin sheet, extruded into complex profiles or bent.
Versatility The ability to tie aluminum with other metals, allows it to adapt to a wide range of needs. Aluminium alloys can be stiff or elastic, particularly robust or very resistant to corrosion.
Aesthetic Aluminium is a clean material but its surface Can be equally treated with a wide range of coatings, from paints to colored anodizations.
Recyclability Aluminium is easily recyclable with an energy cost equal to one-twentieth of what is needed for its first melting: today almost a third of the aluminum consumed is produced by recycling scrap.
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